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If you’re already tired of my exJW posts and you’re like, “OK, we get it already, you used to be in a really weird cult,” ya might just wanna skip the rest of this post. It gets weird. Fair warning.

Are you voting this year? I just did for the first time ever! I haven’t always valued my voice. As a JW, my opinions and views didn’t matter. If I wanted to research a belief, I was instructed to consult to any of the JW publications via Watchtower Library. That was it, no critical thinking necessary! In fact, independent thinking is condemned by Jehovah’s Witnesses. If during your research, you come to a different conclusion than the information contained in the WT Library, you better not say so. Unless you are OK with being shunned for apostasy, then that’s a horse of a different color.

The fact that cult members are discourage to think on their own shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s pretty despicable that this particular high control group convinces their members that they can’t function/will fail and be miserable without adhering to the policies made by the Governing Body in their self proclaimed role as “God’s visible organization”.

Jehovah’s Witnesses would never vote; first and foremost because they are waiting on God’s Kingdom and feel that voting in any political arena would mean they were trusting humankind rather than waiting on God to fix their problems. In addition to remaining separate from the world, they know how divisive politics can be and they strive to maintain their international unity. They also have identified the seven headed wild beast of Revelation as the worldwide political system, but, again, that is pending new light.

While, I fully recognize that no candidate can fix all our problems– hunger, sickness, pain, death, etc., as a citizen of the US of A it is a privilege to be able to participate in electing a leader.

Personally, I don’t feel any particular drive to campaign for my choice candidate or to change anyone’s view on theirs. I strongly feel that each and every voter should make up their own mind regarding where their vote belongs– do your research! I’m pretty sure by now everyone has their minds made up, but on the off chance you’re still on the fence, I found this quiz helpful. Yay for voting early with no wait!!


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