Ready for Anything: the Britax B-ready Stroller

britax b-ready stroller sweetpotato peachtree

Britax and Austin Moms Blog recently teamed up and I had the opportunity to try out the new Britax B-ready stroller. Read on for my review if you’re on the market for a stroller!

The first feature I noticed was the 5-point harness. When I set up the stroller and was ready to use it for the first time, I was already holding Judah on one hip when I realized I hadn’t checked the harness. Sure enough, it was still in its pre-locked state. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get it open with one hand, but I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised when it unlocked with the single press of the center button! Securing the harness was just as easy; each side will give a satisfying “click” once it’s fastened, leaving no guesswork as to if your little Houdini is going to escape. (Not a chance, JujuBe!) Likewise, adjusting the harness to fit was simple.

britax b-ready stroller sweetpotato peachtree

Judah (right) getting comfy with the adorable babes of Aimee (left) and Alexis (middle)

I’ve tried many double strollers throughout the years, and I have to say that this stacked configuration is my favorite. The side-by-side strollers are a little too wide for my taste, and the longer full sized one-in-front/one-behind can be hard to maneuver in a crowd. Philippa is at the age now where she doesn’t really need to be in the stroller, but sometimes gets tired and wants to rest. And sometimes I can’t move quick enough to keep up with her, so it’s convenient to know exactly where she is. So, she doesn’t need a ton of space, just a spot to rest… which is exactly what the second seat provides. It also folds easily without removing either seat (which is a huuuge bonus in my book, because removing seats was always a pain when taking the shuttle at Disneyland!!). Also, the second seat is completely optional, as are the multiple other seating choices: bassinet, car seat (with adapter), front facing, rear facing, one facing in/one facing out, etc.

The basket below is spacious and has zippered front access available; the push handle is adjustable; it has great handling, even when steering with one hand; the shade canopy provides full coverage. I would say the only possible complaint is that is it on the heavy side- close to 30 lbs when the second seat is installed- but I think that’s to be expected when you have a solid, heavy duty stroller. I mean, this one is built to last.

I really wish we had invested in a good stroller when Georgia was a baby; we didn’t know if/when we would have more kids and couldn’t justify the expense up front. Instead, we bought a flimsy stroller that didn’t last through two kids. We had to purchase a different one 2.5 years later so we could accommodate both girls. Now that we are on our third kid and our 5th stroller (not including the one we bought while on vacation and accidentally left behind, oops!), I completely understand: it would have been a much better choice if we had started off by investing in a quality stroller that provided the option to expand with our family.britax b-ready stroller sweetpotato peachtree

Hope this info helps you in your stroller search! And a big thanks to Austin Moms Blog and Britax for sponsoring this post.


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