me and bows

So, a little about me: My family (Husband, me, and 2 daughters) just relocated out of state, from sunny Southern California to the South; specifically, deep in the heart of Texas. Not for work, not for family, just… because! Husband was born and raised in the same area of California and hit what I call his quarter life crisis- he needed a change. So we decided that we would try out Texas for a year– at the end of which we can decide if it should be a permanent move or not. So right now, we are in a 1400 sq ft 3 bedroom apartment while we look for a house to buy. A small one. Not our dream home (which would include property), just something simple that we can rent out later. So now– the search is on! In lieu of any current pics, I am posting a recent etsy find– headband bows that I just got in the mail. The flower one is for me, the rest are for my girls.. LOVE THEM!


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