they said “I DO”

Even though we JUST moved to Texas, we spent the past weekend back in California for a friends wedding, where I was a bridesmaid and my little G was the flower girl. It was honestly the best wedding we have ever been to. When I walked down with the groomsman, I was making a mental image of what it looked like on the day my friend got married- a cool spring day with tall oak trees covering us with shade and a slight breeze that brought a sprinkle of blossoms down from nearby trees- absolute perfection. Until I got to the aisle where Husband sat with P; the poor child hadn’t seen me in a few hours and when I passed her to stand at the front without so much as a snuggle, she was devastated. G did a great job- I think she had forgotten that during the actual wedding, the chairs would be full of people that would be looking at her, so when the time came she pursed her lips and stomped quickly down the aisle and at the last moment grabbed a big, and I mean BIG handful of petals and flung them up into the air. I was already standing at the front, almost crying from holding back peals of laughter.

We truly had a great time seeing friends, but we were both glad to get back to Texas and continue settling in here. Speaking of which, Husband said it well when he asked me “what do you need out of storage… besides everything?” A house would be nice… but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.

Here’s a few photo highlights of our trip.

p.s. if anyone happens to be in the San Diego area, we ate at a diner called Snooze in Hillcrest before our flight home and had the appropriately named “OMG French Toast”… it was nothing short of amazing.

the flower girl, celebrating her successful trip down the aisle // with her proud mama

us in the photobooth at the reception (the one and only family pic of the evening)

p wore// top: A vintage shirt, h&m pants, and hand-me-down shoes from big sis
bottom: head to toe h&m (when she decided her shoes are better with sand in them, of course!!)


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