4th Annual NICU knits knit-a-thon

nicuknits knitted baby hat sweetpotato peachtree

September is NICU awareness month! A few years back I posted a tiny bit of our NICU experience and my reasons for starting NICUknits. Having a baby in the NICU is emotionally draining and physically exhausting– at a time when most parents are able to joyfully celebrate new life, parents who have a baby in the NICU are overwhelmed with worry, stress, sadness, and guilt. I started NICUknits to uplift and support parents of the NICU patients- to show them they aren’t alone and we are cheering for their babies from the sidelines.

I’m so excited to announce that the 4th Annual NICUknits Knit-a-thon will be hosted at the Paper + Craft Pantry in Austin, TX on October 8th, from 3:30-6 pm. Admission is free but space is limited, so register here if you’d like to attend!

The event will consist of a workshop where attendees will be instructed on how to knit on a loom and it’s so easy that even beginners will be able to complete a hat in under an hour. It’s a fun excuse to get together for some kid-free crafting and I’ll be providing the food and yarn; just bring a 5.5 inch loom and hook. My favorite set is still the one available at Hobby Lobby, pictured above. It’s the easiest to learn on and you don’t have to buy the whole assortment of sizes if you don’t want to. All the hats we make that night will be wrapped and donated to the NICU at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center. Hope to see you there!!


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