a modern kitchen: before and after

Back in March we gave our kitchen a much needed renovation. It wasn’t bad, just dated. And plain. Very very plain. See below for proof.



The top two must haves on my list were: a) REMOVE FUR DOWNS (who, WHO in the world ever decided it was a good idea to create fur downs? I imagine the conversation started like this: “Hey guys, this tiny house is too big. Let’s drop the ceiling and close it off a bit. Get that nice claustrophobic feeling going.” Le sigh.) and b) replace formica with something a little less… plastic.






sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

With the fur downs gone, and the open shelving below, the kitchen feels much more spacious. The refrigerator and dishwasher are both by Kitchenaid.

To save money on carpentry, we kept the original cabinets (except for the one above the fridge) and moved them up to the higher ceiling. We went with new doors on all existing cabinets to update them and so they would match.

I love quartz countertops and we went with Caeserstone in Blizzard. It’s the same exact style we put in our house in California over 5 years ago; I looked at sample after sample and just couldn’t find anything I liked more. It’s a clean, pure white with very light, even speckles throughout. Hey, I might be boring but at least I’m consistent!

sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

The center brass globe fixture is from Lux and Watts on Etsy and the open shelves are stained with Miniwax water-based wood stain in Harvest Gold.

sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

My favorite upgrade was swapping out the microwave for this range hood from Signature Hardware. The microwave had been broken for at least a year and we grew accustomed to living without it, so we were more than happy to get rid of that space hog!

And since we are on the subject of favorites, I feel like it’s only fair to present my least favorite: the grout. With so much white- countertops, cabinets, appliances- I had my mind made up that black grout was the way to go, but now I’m not completely convinced. It turns out that the contrast between the solid white penny tile and the dark black grout really highlights any fraction of variation between the tiles; meaning, the imperfections stand out. I like it now, but I did have our contractor fix a few of the worst spots that I knew would bother me. Which reminds me, when you hire a contractor, remember: you are the boss. If you aren’t happy, they aren’t done. 

sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

Chrome faucet and stainless undermount sink purchased on Amazon. I wasn’t sure about mixing the brass hardware with the chrome faucet but since the brass pulls and knobs are mixed and matched anyway, I feel like it all goes together.

sweetpotato peachtree modern kitchen

Next up: the flooring. I can’t decide between stained concrete and hardwood! What would you do? Leave a comment and let me know!



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