the “almost house” and other tales of last week

This past week that went by is a blur, but here’s a few highlights:

1. We found an “almost” house- absolutely beautiful, great lot, lots of updates to an older home (including foundation, windows, and roof), all at a good price- but it turned out that the area was just about THE most dangerous part of town. Almost double the risk of burglary, larceny, and robbery compared to the rest of the city, plus higher risk of rape, assault, and motor vehicle theft. The only risk that is NOT more prevalent in that zip code compared to the rest of the city: murder.  Even the neighbor my husband talked to said he wouldn’t venture out for a stroll after dark– and that was a grown man. So until we learn how to lift that house up and transplant it to an identical lot in a safer part of town, it’s a no-go.

(p.s. did I mention the awesome huge oak in the front yard that would have been perfect for a wooden swing?)

the “almost” house

2. We took the girls to see a play- Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”. Did anyone else know that in this, the original version, the Mermaid dies at the end? Me either.

3. Little P locked herself in G’s room. I guess she wanted the big girl toys all to herself. She was a brave girl and didn’t even cry or get scared once during the 10 minutes it took for us to break her out. I thought it would be a lot faster, given that (a.) I watch Alias on Netflix -and she breaks into locked rooms all the time- and (b.) both me and the husband have unlocked that door from the outside, each of us doing so in under 10 seconds. But this time, neither of us could do it so we ended up taking the door knob off to free her. Not that being locked up was much of a problem for her; she was giggling and touching hands with her sister under the door as we did our stealthy work.

4. We took a field trip to the State Cemetery where we learned about historical figures who played a significant role in Texas history. It’s nice to be involved in a group with other homeschooled kids (who take monthly field trips!), but I’m still hoping the girls meet other kids their age; so far they are the youngest by a few years. The plus side to being the youngest is that they have both become like the ginger-mascots, being carried everywhere by the older girls.

And that was our week!


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