Etsy shop– Part 2!

You may have noticed the new link here to the right– that’s right, I have an Etsy shop!
You may not have known, but I have actually had it for a while. It
didn’t do too well (actually, I sold nothing. Not once.). But I’m
hoping that the shop will gain some new attention now that it has better inventory– I have switched from handmade goods to vintage children’s clothes and some vintage household items– and now it is linked to the blog and my instagram account.

I felt a little compelled to change the inventory after hitting up my first few thrift stores here in Texas– beautiful vintage duds hanging from the racks, lonely and unappreciated, smooshed between stained Cherokee and crumpled Gymboree. Hopefully they will find homes where they are loved!

Below are a few of the newbies added to the shop, if you click on the picture it will take you straight to the listing.

Please check out the shop and pass it on to anyone else who appreciates vintage!

(and did I mention how proud I am for getting my computer illiterate self to figure out how to link my shop and get these pics up with NO help from my techie hubster? heh. you think I’m joking.)


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