new beginnings

Yesterday was a long and fulfilling day, during which we were able to put a check mark next to most (some) of our “to do’s” and we were able to add a few extras into the mix– such as this guy.

Meet Roly, the newest member of our family. G had been asking for a pet– specifically a hamster– and I place all blame this song. But, she had been asking for a while now, and Husband and I kept putting it off, mainly to see how serious she was about getting him. But she’s a persistent girl, and persistence pays off! She tried out a few names (Flounder. Scuttle. Can you see a theme here?) before she settled on Roly, which turned out to be a very fitting name, given his new hobby.

Later as we were settling down for the night I heard a sound I had never heard before–“cha-ching!” and knew it could only mean one thing. I grabbed my phone and quickly scrolled to the Etsy app and there it was: I finally made a sale! And a decent 4-item order, at that. Turns out the revamping of the shop is going over well. Meanwhile, while that was going on, turns out this was simultaneously taking place:
And I’m really not sure why I was surprised.


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