wake up call

Little P wakes up every single day just about as the clock strikes 6 am. No matter what time she goes to sleep, there she is, with her “mama! maaaaaama!!” and sometimes “mmmmaaaaaaaamaaaaa!” right at 6. My little alarm clock. Previously, I had been getting up with her and letting her nurse on the couch, desperately hoping she (and I) could go back to sleep, which would rarely happen. But, lets face it, 6 really isn’t that early. Yes, I prefer 7, but as long as the sun is coming up it’s really not too bad. So for the past week, as soon as she wakes we have been grabbing a quick snack (Banana. Apple. String cheese. Really, whatever is closest.) and heading out the door for a morning stroll together. And it has become my favorite part of the day. The air is fresh, and cool; the birds are chirping in the trees above us, and the quiet hum of traffic usually puts her back to sleep as she sits in the Ergo carrier. And as her little head relaxes against me and her legs go limp, I can feel her hot, sweet breath on my chest as shes lulled into sleep, I keep reminding myself that shes only 20 months, not “almost 2”. We still have 4 more months of her being 1, and I am going to enjoy it.

ps Roly turned out to be a biter. Here’s my favorite shot so far of our new girl, Dixie. Contrary to the girls expressions, I do believe they quite like her.


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