wake up your weird

We took the girls this past weekend to see this puppet show,
and it was nothing short of amazing. The main puppeteer is Leslie
Carrara-Rudolph, who is best known for playing Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street. The music was all original (except for her fabulous Wizard of Oz summary), the acting was great, and it was practically a one-woman show. But what really impacted me was the message behind the show, which was that it’s ok to be weird; to be different, to not fit in exactly like everybody else. The whole point of the show is to encourage the “weird” inside us all to wake up and come out- because it makes life a little more real and a lot more fun.

Overview of the storyline: (spoiler alert!!) Poor Lolly Lardpop just wants to fit in with the other girls and is elated to get an invitation to a doll party. But when she brings he favorite homemade doll, she’s told she’s “Ugly, Stupid, Not Good Enough” (and there’s a song that goes with it). So Lolly and her imagination get to work and the result is tons of fun for everyone– some audience interaction and improv that involve young and old. Speaking of improv, Leslie is hilarious– our 20-month old, 4-year old, Husband, and I were all laughing throughout the whole performance. So, if you get the chance to check it out, “Wake Up Your Weird” comes highly recommended. And we are looking forward to the CD release later this summer, but for now, here’s where you can find her on facebook.

Also this week G has been into watercolor painting. She has painted numerous pictures this week and even painted a special one for our neighbor, Connie. She’s a 93-year-old woman who broke both her legs about 5 years ago when she was hit by a car. So now she walks, but she does so very slowly. Every time we are down by the pool she must spot us, because she comes out to watch us and the kids play. The first time she didn’t say anything, she just stood there watching and smiling. The next time she came, Husband greeted her and helped her to a poolside lounge chair where she stayed the whole time we were down there. After that she has come out every time we are there, if only to stand by the fence and watch us for a few minutes or to come and chat. So when G decided to paint a picture especially for Connie, we were so proud of her thoughtfulness. She begged for me to take her by Connie’s to drop off the picture, so I did. But when we got there, G knocked and there was no answer. So she knocked again. Still no answer. I told her that maybe Connie wasn’t home, and she looked at me with determination in her eyes and said, “No, Mom. She said she always stays home.” So we lingered a few minutes, but decided to walk to the mailbox and try again on our way back. When we returned, G knocked again… and this time Connie answered. She was thrilled with her painting, and when we said our goodbyes and were walking away, G said, “She’s very sweet, is she?” (because that’s how 4-year olds sometimes talk) And I looked at G and thought… yes, she is so very sweet.


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