diy timeout jar

If you have ever had a 4-year-old (or two-year-old. Or three-year-old.) around for more than a day, you will know that timeouts are very handy for those not equipped to direct their emotions into a positive direction without a meltdown somewhere in between. Enter: The Timeout Jar. This not a new concept; I have seen a few different designs on Pinterest for the last few months. The concept is easy; the upset kid uses their aggression to shake the jar as long as they want, then when the glitter settles,  timeout is over.

It’s a very simple DIY, with plenty of room for customizing. I found a jar at Goodwill for $.99, and the glitter I picked up at Michaels (where I also encountered the same jar I thrifted for a mere $.50 more. Oh, well, I kind of like the distressed look mine has with a few dents in the lid ;)).

On a side note, our tap water smells funny. As in… I won’t even use it to boil pasta. So for this project, I didn’t know if the water would get cloudy over time, so I used distilled water. Add the glitter (and/or confetti) and water. Then check that the seal is dry and glue it shut. It’s really that simple. I used a canning jar, just in case somehow one of my girls were to unscrew the band, there is that extra level of protection with the sealing lid.

The first time we used it, I was a little worried that G would look at it as a reward… because she went from upset to excited in .03 seconds. But ultimately, it distracted her, and when she was done we were able to talk about why it’s not ok to misbehave, even when we are upset (she listened for about a minute. Then she was on to something new…). So I’m filing it under “Winner!” and I’m sure we will be using it often in the upcoming days/weeks/years.


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