I’m not gonna lie. I miss having that group of young mamas and kids the same ages as mine, the ones to talk with for an hour during G’s dance class every week; the ones who were always up for meeting at the park right across the street from my house, or at the indoor playcenter–the one that went out of business, shame on you, Sensory Time, you were the best!!–when it was too hot to play outside. The ones that were willing to make a day trip up to Disneyland and party down, then didn’t complain when a certain 4-year-old threw up in the car on the way home (milk was a bad choice. chocolate milk, that is). You know… friends. The point being– and yes, there is a point to all this reminiscing– this week I had enough. Enough waiting to meet more young moms, enough hoping to come across more kids the girls ages. Much to Husbands delight (“Go meet people before you drive us both crazy!!”) I joined a meetup group. Well, I tried to join, anyway. They already have 45 members, which apparently means they are at capacity and don’t have room for me (us. this is for the kids, right?…?). But their next outing was posted to their group site, and it was an outdoor carnival-style place we have driven by many a time, every time hearing a little voice from the backseat, “Mommy, can we go there?!”, to which I would usually reply,”Oh baby, its closed…” Usually it was (ok, ok- sometimes it was.). So knowing they couldn’t kick us out of a public place, we went anyway. And we had a blast! We met the group leader and she told me that I am on a waiting list, so hopefully we will be in at the next outing. And if not… well, the Splash Zone is public property, too 😉



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