Happy Birthday, Pirate Girl

In case you haven’t heard, Philippa is going to be a pirate when she grows up. So what better way to celebrate her 5th birthday than with a pirate party and an unscheduled monsoon!DSC_0033DSC_0035We had a little station to decorate parrots with multi colored feathers and my friend Shanti from Party at Your Door made these custom tick-tock crocs to put under our “Plank” (aka slackline).DSC_0023DSC_0032We put an inflatable pool under our zipline so the kids could drop into the water. The kids had a blast, then it started pouring rain and we didn’t even get to fire up the grill after I bought 80 hot dogs and buns. Which reminds me, HEY DOES ANYBODY WANT A HOT DOG??pbdayOne of her favorite gifts was this Pirate Queen Lottie Doll. In case you haven’t heard about Lottie, she never wears makeup, high heels, or jewelry and she is based on the realistic body shape of a 9-year-old girl. They’re ethnically diverse and best of all, they can stand on their own two feet. No, wait- I take it back. Best of all, they all have empowering, non-traditional ‘girl’ themes; Stargazer Lottie, School Days Lottie, Karate Lottie, Robot Girl Lottie, Fossil Hunter Lottie. These are activities that females have been participating in for decades, but now these hobbies and professions can be admired and treasured by a young, highly impressionable group: our daughters. DSC_0046


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