letter from a messy girl: all about p

There were many messes made this past week. Oh so many. All made by one little gremlin, P. If she could write me a letter, I think what she would have to say would go something like this:

Hey Mom. You know that big spaghetti jar full of fresh delicious coffee you made for yourself just the way you like that you sat on the entryway table because I said I was thirsty and right after you sat it down and took 3 steps toward the kitchen to get me water I knocked the whole thing over? Sorry about that. I decided I couldn’t wait for water. I didn’t mean to spill the entire jar and have it splash all the way to the ceiling. But that was pretty awesome I really didn’t know coffee can jump that high, and from the look on your face you didn’t either! And it was pretty entertaining, how you and Daddy were scrambling around grabbing all the towels you could find to get it all out of the carpet because you really don’t want to pay for new carpet when we move out of this apartment… which you’ll probably have to do anyway. How many towels did it end up taking? 4? 5? But I gave you lots more laundry and I know how much you love washing it all! Because whenever you get a break during our nap time, that’s how you choose to spend it. Doing laundry. (its your favorite! you think I don’t notice but I doooo.) And when I wake up, I knock over your piles just to give you the chance to refold them. That’s how much I love you. I don’t even want to think about what I did on the dresser. I do regret that one, that was gross. Good thing for disinfecting wipes. And that brand new concealer you just bought? I heard Daddy telling me to put it down, but I really wanted to put it on! So I squeezed the whole thing out of desperation. And even after you painstakingly put as much as you could back in the container, I still think I squished about 2 weeks worth into the white rug in the bathroom. But Mom, seriously… people with kids don’t buy white rugs. Even at Target. It’s just not a good idea. In fact, heads up for next time: don’t buy anything white until I’m out of high school. But really, I just want your coffee and your makeup and your laundry because I see it’s important to you. And I want to be just like you. XOXO, P.

Love you too, P. I mean, with those cheeks, how could you not??

  pictures from the splash zone: we didn’t have to crash the party, this time we were invited 😉


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