a sale and a place to call home

We have been in Texas nearly 4 months now, all the while the only holes I have made in the wall was to hang some items and photograph them for my Etsy shop and hang our wall calender. Two holes. That’s how I know it’s never really been home. We have been comfortable, for sure, and quite happy here, grateful to have a home base while we get to know our new town. But ever so inconvenient is hauling two, often sleepy, sweaty (it’s summer in Texas, after all!) kids upstairs to the third floor, making multiple trips to carry groceries and a 5 gallon container of water we seem to go through every 2 days. Leaving belongings from the days activities strewn throughout the car, since our arms are loaded with sweaty kids, and we’ve made multiple trips already, “I’ll get it tomorrow” means there are always items left littering the car. Many times we have passing on the heavier items at the grocery store (Costco size box of Pellegrino, I’m looking at you!) for the sheer lack of will to haul it up, then haul the trash out. We moved from a 2900 sq. ft. house to a 1415 sq. ft. apartment, but despite downsizing by more than half, we haven’t even unpacked 1/3 of our belongings; mainly because we knew the apartment was only temporary. Which brings me to my big announcement… weboughtahouse! Exciting for us, mainly because all the reasons listed above will now become obsolete! That, and we avoid the $300/month increase our rent would have jumped beginning in September. So in the upcoming months I am excited to unpack and put some holes in the walls and decorate and paint a chalkboard wall and post pictures and let the girls play in all the cardboard boxes aaaannnd POP THE BUBBLE WRAP!!! which they have been asking to do ever since we first moved from California. Here’s to hoping that moving in Texas in July isn’t the. worst. idea. ever. (the inspector says the air conditioning is in good working order…let’s hope he’s right!) So if any of you would like to help a girl out and make packing a little bit easier on me, you are welcome to use the coupon code lessboxes20 now through June 26th to save 20% on anything in the shop. Here’s a few items, click on the picture and it will take you straight to the listing 😉 you’re welcome.


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