disney costumes roundup vol 1

These costumes were a fun project for me this past week. I utilized every nap and every early bedtime, referred to this and this countless times, and here’s what resulted:

The only patterns I used were a vintage dress pattern for the base of
Sulley and the skirt portion of a different pattern for Mike. The fabric
store didn’t have the cheaper cotton fabric in the right shade of blue,
so I had to splurge for the $12.99/yard in order to nail the color
(good thing for coupons!!). The purple spots are done in felt. I
originally thought I would do them in fabric, but then I decided the
felt would help to convey the fuzziness that Sulley has.

I used a onesie that I hand dyed with a Tulip brand dye to get the right
shade of green, and unfortunately it still turned out a little more “pea
soup” than the “lime green” that was promised on the label, but combined with the skirt its not too bad.

For his eye, I traced a CD onto white felt and cut it out. I used double
fusible Wonder Under and ironed it to the onesie, then hand sewed around the edge with teeny invisible stitches. Then I did the same with the green (tracing a jar lid), then the black (using a baby food jar lid). The key is to not center them perfectly, so they look a little more cartoonish.

The horns and spikes were cut out of cream-colored felt and all hand stitched. I put the horns onto clips, since my girls don’t leave headbands in…


Well, ok, I only found the one for Sulley. But I am still on the hunt
for the Mike one, and I think it totally completes the costume. Stay tuned for Vol. 2 😉


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