sweet p turned 2

Two an a half weeks later and I still haven’t taken the photos to complete vol. 2 of the costume reveal. I also have a few DIY projects in the works, a nice stack of vintage waiting patiently to be listed in the shop, and a road trip next week. Too many irons in the fire, as they say. But I would rather be busy than bored, and my kitchen is clean and laundry (mostly) folded so I really can’t complain if I have to put my hobbies on the backburner. But I think I can complain about my kids getting older– after all, I didn’t give them permission to grow up!

Here she is, the day she turned 2, feeding chickens at a friends house in the country.

She used to say “one too, one too!”, and at first we thought she was
counting. But now we know better. Now we know that “one too” means “I
want one too”, as in, “if my sister gets one, so do I!!” This past week
she started saying “me, too”, and I got a little sad. Oh, I know she had
to learn sometime, I can’t have a ten-year-old following her sister
around saying, “one too, one too!!” But did she have to start saying it
so soon after turning two, when her knees are still chubby and her cheeks so squishy and her neck is still invisible? I call her Sweet P for a reason, you know- she’s all sugar and snuggles. And I’m going to soak it all up while I still can. And some day I will get around to my hobbies.



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