disney costumes vol 2

I made this Ariel costume about a year ago, compiling inspiration from here and here. It still fits her because the base of each part (the ruffled romper top, found at Tot Shot, and the tutu) are elastic. I’m guessing (hoping) it will fit for at least another year. But G needed a sidekick, so I made one for Sweet P to wear when we go to Disneyworld this month. *please excuse flounders pull-up. not intended to be part of the costume* 🙂

The key for the Ariel costume was to make the tutu out of a few different shades of seafoam green, giving the skirt depth. Also make the back section longer to resemble the mermaid fins.

I sewed 2 seams around the purple felt “shell” top to define the shape better; tuck the ribbon into place before sewing to keep it nice and neat. I used tons of pins to keep the ruffles from moving while sewing the shell piece to the romper.

For Flounder, Rit dye in Lemon Yellow gave us the perfect shade of yellow. I used double fusable interfacing to keep blue stripes in place, then tacked them into place using teeny invisible stitches by hand every 1/4 inch or so.


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