roadtrip highlights and a bunch ‘o pics

we made it back in one piece. or should i say 4 pieces. either way we are home!

when we headed out of texas, we really didn’t have a set plan except for knowing which day we wanted to make it to orlando to check into our hotel and hit up disneyworld. we also decided, shortly after being on the road, that we wanted to stay the first night in houston to go to the childrens museum. the next night we stayed in Baton Rouge, then to Pensacola for two nights, then to Orlando. when we left Orlando we headed to Savannah for two nights, then to Birmingham, Alabama (our best surprise of the trip– gorgeous!!), then to Shreveport, Louisiana, and finally back to Texas. if that sounds like a lot… it was! but we are liberal about stopping for any excuse, brought plenty of activities for the girls, (including a portable dvd player! annie was a lifesaver.) and the only semi-rule we employ is “no stopping while the kids are napping!” and in actuality… we had to stop more for husband than we did for the girls 😉 but we kept in mind the saying “its not the destination, its the journey” to remind us that what we saw and how we felt along the way was just as important as getting to our next stop. a typical day would go somewhat like this: eat breakfast, check out of hotel, hit the road between 9-10, stop for lunch around 12, run around at a park, head back out around 1 (coincidentally at naptime), girls wake up around 2:30, (*still driving*) watch a movie and have snacks, around 4 stop and stretch legs and run around again, around 5:30-6 get some dinner and check into our hotel for the night. we kept a mid sized cooler under p’s carseat with cold drinks and snacks and a box of toys (harmonica. mini piano. all the fun noisy stuff that kids love!) in between both car seats, and in the back pocket of each seat– right in front of each girl, they had sticker books, crayons, and pens and paper. of course, there were a few days we weren’t driving at all, and on those days we made sure to go to a park or a kids museum– something just for them. for example–these two first pics were taken at an alligator farm in louisiana.

watching thousands of turtles hoping she has food (she didn’t)
at the beach in pensacola
 a leg stretch
my view for 2 weeks


the monster on the screen? told g to make a silly face. she did.

we brought vintage books for the princesses to sign

from this…
to this. in 30 minutes flat.
the Birmingham library doubles as a zoo (why don’t all libraries do this??)
p threw hoteze– g’s beloved frog– out the window somewhere in alabama. daddy to the rescue!
 shortly after apologizing. “gigi– hoteze– sah wee”
finding shells on tybee island
because…well…there are no other pictures of me.


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