inks lake camping trip

We had been waiting and waiiiiting (<—– cue the dramatic whine) for it to cool off enough to go camping– and suddenly, it was the middle of October and heading straight for winter, so if we wanted to go, we thought, we better do it soon! So we grabbed our warmest, yuckiest clothes (consider yourself warned!!) and hit the road. We decided our time would be best spent with no electronic devices– except for my dSLR, with which I was able to capture a few of my favorite moments. We went on hikes, splashed in puddles, saw the Texas stars like never before, roasted marshmallows, drank hot cocoa, one of us went skinny dipping (the dang hippie!), fished, snuggled, picked flowers, read stories, listened to the howling wind, almost got taken to the cleaners by a feisty raccoon, painted nails, cooked outdoors… and we wouldn’t trade a moment. Now, let’s see if we can squeeze in another trip before winter hits… It’s good thing husband can build a fire; sure comes in handy, I tell ya! (….he does it with a little cooking oil, paper bag scraps, and kindling. No lighter fluid necessary 😉 )


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