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At the beginning of this year I submitted an application to become a contributor for Austin Moms Blog. I felt like it was a shot in the dark, but why not give it a try and see what happens- ya never know, right? And anyway, if I didn’t hear back, nothing lost, nothing gained. I feel like that has been my aim this year: say yes whenever possible.

I heard back from them while we were in Florida and signed on a few short weeks later! My bio was published March 11th and my first official post was published this morning. Does this make me a “real” blogger yet? 🙂

The title of the post is “I’m a Grown Up: Now What?” and I was inspired to write it because of my background. I’ve come out of a high control group where extra-curricular activities and time consuming hobbies were discouraged– after all, if you have extra time, you should be using it to perform the life saving ministry work! And besides, there will be plenty of time for hobbies once the Earth turns back into a paradise- a la the Garden of Eden- after Armageddon.

I make no assertions on what will or will not happen to the Earth or our soul or our bodies, but I do know this: the life we have now is precious and beautiful and should be used to the fullest extent. And if there’s more after this, fan-freakin’-tastic!


Also published was my brand new headshot, found here. I’m linking it since you can probably find it fairly easily anyway so I’ll save you some time and this is me not complaining about the extra 15 lbs of baby weight I still keep on hand (and hips, legs, arms, etc…).


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