playroom/classroom tour

For the last year I have been working on a preschool program with G. Not that it’s a structured, outside program that I follow– I researched what preschool curriculum typically consists of and have made my own program for her. It’s been a trial period to test how we do as a team, for us to see if we want to pursue homeschooling when she is of school age. First we worked at the dining room table, then Husband bought her a desk, and now that we have been in this house, we have a designated room that we use. It also doubles as a playroom, and, when we have company, a great spot for Pictionary Show Downs. We just scored the black desk off Craigslist for little P, since she always wants to crash the “school time” party. (as in, climbs on the desk and tries to steal the pencils when we are working). Now she has her own special spot to sit, and *bonus!!* she can hide things in her desk. After 5 months of living in this house… it’s gettin’ cozy up in hurr. Also catch a glimpse of G’s baby. When no one is in this room, she uses it to exercise in her squeaky wheel, probably singing this song, or maybe it’s this one, I can’t be sure. I don’t speak hamster.

When G meets people, she’s been known to tell them, “I’m a mom with 1 kid! Her name is Dixie Waterbottle… She’s a hamster! Mama is the Grandma, Daddy is the Grandpa, P is the Aunt, and… I don’t know who her Daddy is. Maybe when I’m older like 6 I will get married and she will have a Daddy.” Ahhhh this kid…!! 😉 I don’t have the heart to tell her yet that Chinese Dwarf hamsters only have a life expectancy of 2-3 years… although by that time maybe I can find Dixie’s twin and pull an ol’ switcheroo.

wall clock// Amazon;  plant holder and floor pillows//IKEA; vintage map//eBay; rug//West Elm (but purchased on eBay); glass containers with lid,//Target; hanging lamp//vintage; storage shelves//cb2 (discontinued); green chairs, repainted//land of nod


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