make a backpack!

I’ve been admiring backpacks for a while. First it started with this one, then in September I saw this one, then this past month I came across this shop and promptly decided to take the plunge and make my own for G… but hit big “what fabric should I use??” hurdle. I was stumped. Until last week, when I came across a women’s Large skirt at the thrift store. 100% wool, hand woven in Guatemala. It was in the kids aisle, and I never would have seen it if it hadn’t been in the wrong section. But I loved the colors in it and was thrilled to see that except for the waistline, it was all basically one piece. Remove a few darts and it was one loooong strip of fabric in perfect condition.

I followed this tutorial, and the only thing I really changed was to make the front flap 1″ longer so that it covers the front pocket. Also, I added interfacing since I always OD on interfacing. For real. I think all the DIY stuff I have posted to date has included interfacing. So, about the pattern– it’s super easy to follow,  I would say its a good weekend project for when it’s incredibly cold and you don’t want to go outside and freeze your tushie off.  Make sure you pre-wash your fabric before you get started so you don’t have to deal with awkward shrinkage. In my excitement to get started I almost forgot this step and very nearly sabotaged what turned out to be my favorite creation so far.

I have enough of the fabric left over to make two more, and I thought about making another for a giveaway, but for some reason no one seems to want my free stuff. Maybe if you all pin it or leave a comment and I know someone will take it off my hands for me and it won’t be made to just sit there and stare at me… I’m just sayin’. I could be persuaded.


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