jetsons diy magnetic printable project

Now that G has a nice, roomy backpack, she needed a fun, new activity to put in it. I came across some paper doll images that would be perfect for the job– Jetsons themed! We kind of (really!!) love the Jetsons. Atomic space age architecture? Push button laundry?! Where do I sign up??

I had to change the dimensions a bit, since I wanted it to be the right size for her to play with on her lap. Then I consolidated the pieces to maximize the use of the magnetic paper. If you print all of the pages I posted below, you will need 2 packages of magnetic printable sheets (most brands include 5 sheets per pack; you will need 9 to do make all the ones I have posted below).

**Most of the brands I came across say they are ink jet compatible only– which is not necessarily true. This is the second project I have done including a magnetic printable, and they both turned out fine using ink jet paper with a laser printer. There are some risks associated with inkjet paper+laser printer causing damage to the printer; however, I haven’t encountered any problems. Either way– keep in mind that most places like FedEx Office and Staples generally have laser printers; so if you will be using their machines they will want you to have laser compatible paper (which, of course, is much more expensive).

The easiest way I would suggest to cut them out is with plain ol’ scissors. I tried an x-acto knife but it wrinkles the paper as it cuts. Also, if you used matte paper, seal it with acrylic sealer so the colors will last (don’t forget to do a spot test first!).

We put ours into a shallow baking pan for now, but we are on the hunt for a cute tin with a lid to store it. She likes it so much, we already are planning to scan some vintage paper dolls we thrifted and print them so they hold up better to four-year-old hands.

To print, drag image to your desktop and print! Or, if you’re like me
and don’t have a color printer, save images as pdf and take them to your
local FedEx office. Hope you have as much fun with it as we are!!


all jetsons images modified from google search


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