family photos 2013

We hadn’t taken family pictures since well before our move to Texas. We gave a half-hearted attempt over the summer, but had a hard time finding one whose work we really liked. I am all for the occasional Picture People studio photo shoot, an easy way to get everyone together and document what the kids looked like at their particular age. But we wanted a more natural feel; what we would look like together if someone happened to glance over and see our family out together. Artwork, rather than just a photo. Enter Raine Chism. Husband sent me a link to her website with the words “How about this girl?”…. I took one look at her site and replied “omggggg yes!! shes great!!”. (<– Exact words. I am such a dork.)

I could not be more thrilled with how she captured our family, and it was the most relaxing photo shoot I have ever participated in. And by that I mean minimal positioning; no awkward, uncomfortable poses. No yelling or struggling to get the attention of the kids, so they could simultaneously look at the camera. Just…us. Playing; throwing rocks into the lake, just like we always do… except with way better hair than usual.


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