there’s bias tape on her dress (a lot of it!)

My goal for 2014 has been get more done. I have (so far) been spending less time on pinterest “planning projects” (anyone else know the feeling?!) and more time actually doing them. Unfortunately this means that this space has been a bit neglected, but I am working on finding a good balance. I went back through and looked at my previous pins on Pinterest and came across this dress I pinned 42 weeks ago (!!!) intending to use it as inspiration when I could “get around to it”. Actually, all of the ones from HELSINkids are gorgeous, I might be going for a remake of that red one soon. But for now, I am happy with how this one turned out. G loves it too; shes wild about anything that is “twirly”.

This is the second dress I have made her using this vintage pattern, which I love- it’s so basic and leaves you plenty of room to make it your own. It was a particularly cold week in Texas when I was sewing this up and I was hoping a white dress+spring colors would bring spring here just a little bit sooner. Wishful thinking because there was tons of sleet and snow last week… but hey, a girl can dream, right? 😉

I used double fold bias tape for the stripes. You can buy it pre-made or make your own to customize your look. The tricky part was making sure to sew all of the stripes to the bodice before piecing the dress together. You want to make sure that the ends of the tape are concealed in the seams. I pinned each stripe down (don’t skimp on those pins!) and sewed them on one at a time. And I had tons of fun changing the thread and bobbins for each color… But overall, it was really easy to work with, and there’s so many possibilities!! (I knew she was done taking pictures when she started making fun of me. lil stinker 😉 )


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