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“So I was on Pinterest the other day…”

How many sentences have I started with those 8 words? Probably too many. But let’s finish that sentence. I came across this sweater. But…uh… did you catch that price tag? € 89,00… Yeah. That’s about $123 for a see through kids sweater. But since Pinterest is always good when you just want to pretend like you’re shopping, without paying the bill– pin it I did; and it and its perfect color combo came in handy for teaming up with Anna from Amelie Clothing. If you are looking for a PDF pattern, they have everything a girl needs- and I’m not joking. Skirts, dresses, tops, leggings, and even coats! Besides the pattern I used, these ones round out my top five: a sailor skirtruffle collar top, a pleated skirt, and a blazer. Some of the leggings patterns can even be unisex.

I was previously skeptical about sewing off a PDF pattern– I just had never tried it, so I wasn’t sure what was in store. But these patterns all come with a full color, step-by-step tutorial, making the process incredibly simple. I modified mine to include the color blocking, but I think next time I will just make a solid white with some lace on the collar for P. (I know, I know– a 2-year-old and white… but I am feeling adventurous since I am all stocked up on OxyClean…)

Forest green doesn’t exactly scream “SPRING!!” (unless you are surrounded by pine trees), but I can’t seem to get enough of it lately.

I’ve painted with it.

I’ve knitted with it.

And now I have sewn with it. Mixed with pastels I think it qualifies as Spring appropriate, don’t you?


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