million mile month

A major downside to my recent physical limitations has been that my exercise routine has gone out the proverbial window. I’m not going to be active when it hurts just to be awake, you know?

I’ve been having better days lately so I signed up with Million Mile Month to help me get back into a regular schedule of physical activity– you can run, jog, walk, bike, or even roller skate your way through the month and log your miles. I’m planning to chart out two routes– one 1-mile route and one 2-mile route- that I can rotate throughout the weeks of April.

Want to sign up with me? Register here for free. Set goals for yourself; you can connect your profile with mapmyfitness or your fitbit. If you log even just one mile you can be entered to win gift cards to Whole Foods, a stand up paddle board, a 60-minute massage (yes please!) and much much more.

I am so glad this opportunity came up because on our road trip to Florida (I keep mentioning it, maybe I should eventually post some photos) while the baby would nap we would put a movie on for the older two and Husband and I listened to the entire audio book of The Power of Habit. Since then I’ve been looking to make healthier habits all around. I’m thinking this will be a fun way to start.

Spoiler alert: the book mentions how incentives or rewards are key to creating successful habits, so once I reach my goal I plan to reward myself in the form of J.Crew. For the sake of fashionable fitness.



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