welcome spring

I know I am not alone when I say I am so glad to be on the other side of that brutal winter. We have already been making the most of the sunshine and warmth that has come our way.

Last year we kept meaning to go to the renaissance faire, only to have the weekends pass more quickly than we had anticipated. This year, the same thing almost happened again– but luckily we made it the weekend before it ended. We got to try our hand at archery and pony rides and had an excuse to wear daisy crowns. (as if you need an excuse other than Spring to wear a daisy crown)

In the past few weeks, we celebrated our 8 year (!!!) anniversary, husband turned 30, G learned to ride her bike, we spent a day at Sea World, I am almost done making a playhouse for the girls (more on that soon) we are planning a kids party for next weekend, (yay for knowing enough kids to give us an excuse to host a party!) and camping the week after that… and suddenly this post is looking a lot like my Google calendar. I am so grateful to be busy and spending this time with my 3 favorite people.

G has really taken off in her reading and writing. She made the sweetest note for me to give her very pregnant dance teacher– “I know babys are sweet and soft I know it’s hard being a mama”. She took the initiative to make this– sounding out all the letters and putting it in her own words. It makes me want to keep it for myself as a little reminder about what a big heart she has. (but I guess a picture of it will have to do)

And here’s the picture she drew on the back, with her teacher, the baby in her belly, G, and a very little P.


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