frozen in may

We have another trip to Florida in the works, mostly for the beach, but we figured since we would be in the general area it would be fun to take the girls to Disneyworld. When I asked the girls if they wanted to dress up, there was no hesitation– they wanted to be Elsa and Anna. Yep, in the hottest part of the country, during (almost) the hottest part of the year, they want to dress like they are in the middle of a Nordic winter.

I chose short sleeves for G (in the form of this onesie, in an 18-24 month size. It’s super stretchy and soft) and a sleeveless black leotard for P. I used some lace leggings from Target as sleeves, since they were the perfect color and wouldn’t make her too hot in 85 degree weather.

They were very kind to offer to let me dress up as Olaf or Sven.

I think you can guess which song we used during this photo shoot, in case you were wondering why their mouths are open in almost all these pictures– they’re singing. Loudly. (is there any other way to sing “Let it Go”?) p.s have you seen this version?


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