disneyworld and beach, beach, beach!

Usually when we return from a getaway, we are all tired and happy to be home. Not so with this trip– all four of us nearly had to be forcibly removed from the beach where we spent our last week. I think maybe the difference was that we only went to two spots– two days at Disney, and the rest at the beach. Usually I am the one planning our trips, and my wanderlust leads us to see and do as much as possible. This time, at husbands request, we sat on the beach and played. Every. Day. I guess I will have to have him plan our trips more often. 😉

 I asked them what their favorite line from Frozen is, and P says it’s “Watch out for my butt!” 
Oh, two-year-old humor, you get me every time.
Teacup faces coming up–
(try not to get dizzy while viewing the next few photos!!)
(G thinks this means “no dancing on the ride”)
 (she thinks she is blocking the waves from getting to us)
We made sand volcanoes on the beach and celebrated that with their adorable rash guards and hats and natural sunscreen, we didn’t get a single sunburn the whole week.

It’s less messy than it looks, I promise!


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