trailer time

We like to see new places. I wouldn’t say we are normal tourists, though. Eating out more than two times in a row makes us start to feel a little icky. We like to have a kitchen accessible so we have options. Often times we choose a natural market hot food bar over a restaurant. Husband is a light sleeper, so we usually need two rooms, Embassy Suites style. At least it includes a cooked to order breakfast in the morning, but it adds up. What we really need is a house on wheels. At least, that’s what I have thought. For the past two years.

Can you see where I am going with this?

This past trip to Florida, Husband finally jumped on board. And acted like it was his idea.

I don’t mind. I am just happy to welcome this little lady to the family. A 20 ft. 1973 Ideal travel trailer, full of retro goodness (and some not-so-goodness). But cushions aside, I do believe that these light fixtures had a little to do with convincing me that this was the right one for us.

We are looking forward to fixing her up and taking her camping (and by camping, what I really mean is “glamping”). For now, I am having fun virtually shopping and decorating her, but she really desperately needs an interior paint job, reupholstery, and possibly new flooring. We will see what the budget allows.
 Here’s a little sneak peek for the theme/color scheme I am planning:
 Terry Fan Geodesic Art Print 
Looking forward to sharing more, hopefully sooner rather than later!! But until then, I am open for suggestions on what we should name her. 🙂


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