letting them be little // random things recently enjoyed

This is how I want to remember them. Happily jumping on the couch to the Pandora Disney station, completely content with their free balloons from the grocery store, where they played air guitars and invisible pianos to the music whenever we had the aisle to ourselves. I’ll just try to ignore that G recently felt her first pang from her loose tooth that the dentist warned us about months ago.

 I came across this children’s record when G and I went thrifting the other day, and that last song– “your mother and father are people too” kinda cracked me up. (I told you this was random.)

My little roly poly lover was the responsible party in the accidental massacre of June 1st. We now have a “catch and release” policy, as opposed to our former “leave dozens in a bucket all day in the sun” policy. Or my favorite, “find the fattest ones and let them loose in the house” policy. She just can’t help herself; she adores them. And finds them everywhere we go. She recently spent 3 minutes saying her tearful goodbyes to one that I asked her to leave outside. It’s moments like these that remind me that motherhood is finite and fleeting. She won’t always notice the roly polys, or look so cute in pigtails. Thinking this way usually prompts me to write down all the cute phrases she comes up with. Like when she wakes up earlier than everyone else (which is most days) and she says, “crocodile-doo!” pretending to be a rooster. Or like when we walked all over the Magic Kingdom and she kept asking if Captain Hook had a castle.

She has been looking so big lately (or maybe that’s just a mind trick, and it’s really that she is closing in on 3 pretty soon here) that when she found a pacifier and wanted to snuggle, I gladly took it. Pink hair and all. (I can’t say she has been interested in a pacifier a day in her life, prior to this.)

We have been spending most afternoons at local pools. We don’t have a favorite yet, but it seems that any one that has a diving board will be a-ok in G’s book. Yep, that’s right– that water is 12 feet deep. I didn’t even jump in there, but she didn’t hesitate.

Maybe the sign I recently made for P’s room had something to do with it; be brave, be kind, be true.


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