dance bag for tapping P

The girls started dance again two weeks ago. Last year they had back-to-back classes with the best teacher ever– really, she was incredibly sweet and used to be a Rockette.We were so fortunate to have had her!

Having back to back classes meant that I was there, watching and waiting, for two hours. This year, fortunately, we were able to schedule them for classes at the same time (don’t look now but that last sentence might have me doing fist pumps and high kicks). They both take a tap/ballet combo class. Since we have been doing homeschooling, it’s a great way for them to take direction from adults that aren’t husband or myself and socialize with kids their own age.

Last year, they shared a dance bag, but this year, P had been carrying her tap shoes (tap shoes!! tappping 3-year-olds! Slippery shoes + precious little coordination + toddler bellies = just about the cutest thing ever!) while wearing ballet shoes while I carried her street shoes. This had to stop.

I used 4-inch squares cut to triangles and serged them together, then added a floral lining– my favorite Liberty of London fabric I had been holding on to. The straps are made from 3 inch strips and are about 24-inches long. It has a soft, unstructured feel, which is perfect for being thrown around (which I am certain is the fate in store for this beauty. Sorry, bag.).


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