DIY leather cord necklaces


I created these necklaces for the girls to give a few of their close friends for Valentines Day. We had fun choosing colors and words to customize them and the best part is- they can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

Here’s what you’ll need: (these particular items were purchased from Michaels)


-one package leather cording (I purchased two so we would have a lot of color combo options)


-measuring tape

-one bag plastic letter beads

-one bag plastic colored beads


  1. Cut 30 inches of one color leather and 11.5 inches of a contrasting color.

DN2  2.  Measure 10-10.5 inches of the longest piece and, holding both pieces together, make a knot.


3. Thread 4 colored beads onto the shorter leather cord. Using only the shorter cord, tie a knot 2 inches from the first knot.


4. Thread the letter beads onto both cords, keeping the shorter cord above the longer one. If you pick two words, keep the longer word on the bottom cord. Again, using only the shorter cord, tie a knot 3 inches from the last knot.

DN55. Give the bottom, longer cord a little tug to separate it from the shorter cord. Thread 4 colored plastic beads onto the shorter cord.


6. Keep both cords together and tie a knot 2 inches from the last knot. Tie ends of necklace together and trim excess.

*these are suitable for children ages 3+ but always use under adult supervision, and remember not to wear while sleeping*

I have had them hanging since I made them and it looks like they are starting to straighten out and should be ready for gifting soon.

What would you make yours say? I would love to know! These are so easy and fun, we even made an extra for a friend- with her name on it- for a birthday gift. (p.s. but don’t tell Molly! She won’t get it until this weekend.)


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