friendship is magic

We hosted a friendship party this past weekend and we invited all our new and old friends from gymnastics, dance, and theater. It was such a fun way to break the ice and get to know one another a little better outside of class time. G had been begging for a party with a piñata, so the minute she saw this one the theme was set. My Little Pony it was– which was perfectly fitting, given the “Friendship is Magic” motto.
I made their Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash inspired outfits and a fun little ring toss game. You can find the images on a Google search, just look for the ones that say “free for personal use”. I printed them poster size, 18×24 at Office Depot and glued them to cardboard, then cut them out. I attached paint stir sticks to the back, but had a hard time sticking them into the grass, so I placed some wood logs on each side of them. The rings were made of pipe cleaners and wooden beads.
We put a few clusters of four balloons on a skewer stuck in the grass to mark the path to our backyard, and (hopefully) made it easier for new friends to find their way to our house.
We played hide and seek and went on a (plastic) gemstone hunt.
This was my favorite decoration, and it was practically free. A few balloons, yarn, and crepe paper attached a a branch that had fallen from our tree helped to disguise our shed as a rainbow. In fact, it is now hanging from our back fence, and I’m planning on leaving it there until it a) rains or b) gets torn apart by squirrels.
I made a rainbow layer cake. Other than that, we kept the food simple with applesauce and fruit skewers, carrot sticks and artichoke cheese dip and some sweet potato chips.
These silly girls had a great time getting to know new friends and being able to connect with ones we hadn’t seen in a while– we might have to make this friendship party an annual beginning-of-the-school-year event!


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