You’re Invited!

Our 2nd Annual NICU Knit-a-Thon is coming up this Saturday, and this year I really wanted to invite everyone– so how about it?? You can participate! Here’s how it can work: if you don’t already have one, pick up a small loom (I don’t care for the Boye or Martha Stewart brands. On both, the pegs come loose, making it virtually useless. Hobby Lobby sells a great one but it doesn’t seem to be available online, but it is pictured below), with a coupon you can get it for less that $4, including tax. It comes with a needle and a hook, both of which you will need.


Don’t mind the tiny scrap of nail polish. I have been stubbornly curious to see how long it will actually last, and, more importantly, what shape it will morph to next. It’s been two months and counting; in the photo it looks like a few of the Hawaiian Islands and I’m pleased to inform you that it currently resembles an itty bitty hummingbird.

If you don’t already know how to knit using a loom, this is the best tutorial video I have found. In 13 minutes, you’ll know everything you need to know and in about 30 you can have your first hat.

During the week of Nov 22-29, help us make some hats! Even just one would be a great contribution, but make as many as you wish and either send me an e-mail or post it under this page to let me know you have participated. Feel free to tag any instagram photos with #NICUknits and we will add up the total at the end of the week, after which we can all drop them off at our local NICU.

Ready, set, go!


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