well hello

Hiiiiiiiii there. It’s me– sorry it’s been so long. Maybe you don’t recognize me. That’s probably because I’m 34 weeks pregnant (due in August!) and somehow my face found out and decided to become pregnant too. It’s OK. This happens every time. Face chub is part of the deal my body makes when it grows a tiny human. Hashtag worth it.

I feel the need to give some sort of explanation for dropping this space like a hot tamale, but really I don’t have much to offer except that the first half of this year has been a quiet time of changes and discovery, and it felt right to go through these months navigating our route as a family of four and prepare for baby #3 with little distraction. Although, I have still been crafting and have a few fun projects to share soon!

Speaking of preparing for baby #3, this is about the extent of the physical preparation– we have a place for this baby to sleep! And that’s about all. Yikes. I never did like the term “nesting” anyway…

True to our tradition, we didn’t find out the gender of this baby– but for some unexplainable reason I find myself expecting a girl with red hair. It’s all we know, and why change a good thing, ya know? 🙂 3 gender unknown babies adds up to a lot of white newborn clothes, so luckily we haven’t had to buy much.

Thanks for your continued support in this little space and I hope to be posting more regularly in the near future.


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