a family of 5

I have a “thank you” post in the works, but it’s taking longer to write than I expected. I guess I’m not completely on the other side yet. When I am, I hope my words will come to me with more clarity and fluency. It’s quite an experience, to be shunned– to be completely ignored; it can at times feel dehumanizing. Fortunately I am finding myself surrounded by a group of kind and caring people; friends and family alike, and they have been full of empathy and love during this time. For now, please accept my thanks for all the support on my last post.

We ended up taking our East Coast trip anyway, even though it didn’t end at a wedding like we had planned. More on that later. For now, let’s look at the fun stuff.

Like, WE HAD A BABY! Wayyyy back on August 10th. 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches of squishy deliciousness.

Would you believe it; my water broke while I was on my couch. My COUCH!!! You’ve never seen a 4-days-overdue pregnant woman move so fast. I don’t know if there is enough scotch guard in the world to prevent that kind of disaster. Luckily I was quick enough. Barely. 4.5 hours later, at midnight on the dot, she entered this world “military” presentation (chin straight, not tucked to chest). We call her Captain Buttercup. And sometimes we salute her.

Again there was the problem with my placenta but we started treating it early, anticipating an issue, and this time I knew I would not opt to die because of it. After 45 tense minutes all was as it should be, and we got to go home 6 hours after she was born (per the Birth Center policy).

Taking pictures 10 weeks postpartum was never high on my list of priorities, but I really wanted to document this time beginning our life as a family of 5. Besides, when Raine Chism comes to town you don’t turn her down. Denver is lucky to have you, Raine!

She’s now 3 months old and she fits right in with all our craziness.


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