hello from the other side

something has changed within me
something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the
rules of someone else’s game
too late for second guessing
too late to go back to sleep
it’s time to trust my instincts
close my eyes
and leap
I’m through accepting limits
cause someone says they’re so
some things I can not change
but til I try I’ll never know
too long I’ve been afraid of
losing love I guess I’ve lost
well if that’s love, 
it comes at much too high a cost!
First… thank you. Thank you for reading my post. For caring. For commenting. For emailing me. The support I have received has been incredible, and it has meant the world to me.
The response has been largely positive and encouraging. Even the small bit of negative criticism I have received has been reassuring- it means my words were read. It means that difficult conversations are being started. It means it is doing exactly what it was intended for.

seeing sunshine through the shadows

This post was not, however, intended to be used, in whole or in part, by individuals to formulate lies and hurtful situations. It’s not that I mind people talking about the content. That much is to be expected. I would not have shared so openly such a personal topic if I didn’t want it to be out in the open, making it easier to begin discussions that would otherwise be difficult. However, I was very careful to omit names and specifics of some of the situations shared, and yet those details have been used to hurt others. I know I am not responsible for how others use the information shared, but to say I was disappointed in learning this would be a gross understatement. The facts I shared were in no way meant to discredit the deaths of those who have refused blood; nor to be insensitive toward their surviving loved ones. I realize that situations like these are of a very sensitive nature, and my words were meant only to bring awareness to the situation and open the way for discussion; to help others to see that rejecting the use of blood is a standard set by men and it is not biblical. What people choose to do with this information is up to them. If sharing my own personal experience, controversial as it may be, has the possibility of helping even just one person, then the benefit of sharing my journey far outweighs what it has cost me.

Please use the information responsibly. Whether you agree or disagree, let’s not allow room for bigotry. I’m sure that each of us wishes to be treated with courtesy and respect. When in doubt, kindness is always the best route.

I’ve taken much comfort in knowing that there are so many out there who understand and share my views. It has been heart wrenching coming to the realization that there are so many who haven’t voiced their concerns for fear of losing their connections with friends and family. I know that pain, all too well, and my heart is with you.

And now, let’s move on from this! And on to holidays and giveaways and a bright new 2016!!


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